Kliptown Portrait by Lebo Lukewarm
Portait by Lebo Lukewarm

I’ve always had varying interests. Music, art, science, technology.

I have a tertiary education in science, but never practiced. Instead, I indulged my passion for technology. I took part in the emergence and growth of the Internet in South Africa, specifically the world wide web, building websites and their hosting infrastructure.

A brief sojourn into real estate, followed by a recession saw me leave self employment for the stability of corporate employ.

I am currently operations manager for Mobile Media Mob.

My passion for technology endures – during non-office hours I consult on development, deployment and hosting of WordPress infrastructure.

In my own time, I make photographs. When the job fits, I accept commissions.

I live in a Kempton Park suburb, in the Ekurhuleni metropolitan area, east of Johannesburg, South Africa.

I love my life-partner, Charles, and our 2 Yorkies, Mini and Cooper.

I dream of travel.

I value friendship.


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