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A year ago, Craig Okraskra (@crotography) called for submissions to his #chromaticus project.

The aim of the project was to give back to the community of mobile photographers, something tangible – a book showcasing a selection of photographs made with mobile phones, curated by Craig.

In his own words:

Chromatic.us is a celebration of mobile photography in printed form.  It’s a physical manifestation of all those 0s and 1s that are otherwise limited to viewing on some digital device.  With all the amazing imagery being captured everyday, all over the world, why are only less than 1%* of them being printed and physically appreciated?  Chromatic.us is the first experimental photography journal dedicated to mobile photography and its significance.


Personally, it’s a way of expressing my appreciation for something that’s become an everyday ritual for the better part of two years.  This is my opportunity to give back to a community that I love, and to those who appreciate photography as much as I do.


The first edition will be a trial of sorts, just to see the interest.  If it goes well, and I don’t go broke, then we’ll pursue additional issues.  As indicated earlier, this is an experiment.


* Statistic may or may not have been fabricated

Over 1000 images were submitted for consideration before the 31 March 2014 deadline, to be whittled down to just 100 by Craig, for publication in the book. By July of 2014, Craig had made his final selection from entrants all over the globe: USA, Norway, Russia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Hawaii, Ukraine, Cambodia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Spain, England, Greece, India.

I’m proud to say that one of my images was selected for inclusion. I’m in print!

Various personal projects, and the search for the right printer, delayed the Chromatic.us project further. In December 2014 Craig asked for further patience; it was going to be be done soon, and done right.

“From the beginning, all I’ve ever cared about is things being great. I never cared about when they were done. Because I also feel like I want the music to last forever. And once you release it, you can’t go back and fix it, so you really have to get it right. And that takes time.” -Rick Ruben

You can read Craig’s blog entries for the project at http://www.thechromatic.co/read-me/

I received an email from Craig today, saying that the book is finally available!

View Chromatic.us on Blurb.com – click the Preview link to view

My image appears on Page 56

I am incredibly stoked to be included. Thank you Craig for your work on this! Hopefully the next edition will be easier.

The image is entitled “Hope” and was taken at the Museum of African Design (MOAD).



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