Johannesburg PhotoMarathon 2014

I took part in the Joburg Photomarathon, held on 8 November 2014.

The basic premise is that contestants explore 3 neighbourhoods during the day, following clues given at each check-in point, resulting in 12 shots that make up your entry.

There are two categories – DSLR and Mobile photography. The PhotoMarathon is limited to digital only, because entries are submitted at the fourth check-in point.

For DSLR shooters, no post processing is allowed, and shots are to be in JPEG format (no camera raw allowed). Further, at the end-point you present your memory card, with your 13 shots, in the specific order that the clues were given – 13 shots only, no more, no less (shot 1 was a selfie showing your contestant number, plus the 3 clues at 4 locations). This makes things particularly tricky – your shots have to be in clue order, not jumbled. Any deviation means disqualification.

For mobile shooters, post processing in-device was permitted, but you still had to shoot in the specific order that the clues were given. Submission was via email to a designated account at the end-point.

These constraints were quite taxing on me personally, since I don’t shoot conservatively. Having to hunt for a shot that matches the clue, then selecting the best shot (deleting the others), and not being able to return to a theme after you’ve committed to a shot previously, was hard. Selecting shots on the tiny screen of my 20D was a further challenge. Not being able to post-process my shots was by far the most taxing imposition, since post is really the other half of my personal process.

Regardless, it was an interesting exercise.

The Johannesburg Photomarathon is a Joburg Photowalkers project commissioned by the Joburg Photo Umbrella 2014 and is part of SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015 which is a partnership between the Department of Arts & Culture, South Africa and the British Council.

There will be an exhibition of the photographs taken during the Photomarathon on 28 November 2014, at The Sheds @1Fox.

Below are my interpretations of the clues, with my “raw” submissions, and my preferred post-processed reworks.


Selfie with contestant number

Submission – Contestant 48
Contestant 48
My edit – Contestant 48


My submission – Remnants
My edit – Remnants

An odd mix

Submission – An odd mix
An odd mix
My edit – an odd mix

Taste like…

Submission – Tastes like…
Tastes like...
My edit – Tastes like…

Brixton Cemetery


Submission – Symmetry
My edit – symmetry

Grave robbers

Submission – Grave robbers
Grave Robbers
My edit – Grave robbers


Submission – Faith
My edit – Faith

Brixton – Kingston Frost Park

High and dry

Submission – High and dry
High and dry
My edit – High and dry

Up my alley

Submission – Up my alley
Up my alley
My edit – Up my alley

Saturday afternoon

Submission – Saturday Afternoon
Saturday afternoon
My edit – Saturday afternoon



Submission – Watercolours
My edit – Watercolours

Shadows and light

Submission – Shadows and light
Shadows and light
My edit – Shadows and light

The finer details

Submission – The finer details
Finer Details
My edit – The finer details



My mobile entries

#jhbphotomarathon contestant 48

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#jhbphotomarathon Remnants

A photo posted by Timmee ( on

#jhbphotomarathon An odd mix

A photo posted by Timmee ( on

#jhbphotomarathon Tastes like… breadcrumbs for the birds outside Hanover Bakery

A photo posted by Timmee ( on

#jhbphotomarathon Symmetry

A photo posted by Timmee ( on

#jhbphotomarathon Grave Robbers | aged 7 years

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#jhbphotomarathon | Faith

A photo posted by Timmee ( on

#jhbphotomarathon | High and dry

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#jhbphotomarathon | Up my alley

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#jhbphotomarathon | Saturday afternoon

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#jhbphotomarathon | Watercolour

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#jhbphotomarathon | Light & shadow

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#jhbphotomarathon | The finer details

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